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Poultice Paper/Roll
  • Poultice Paper/Roll

    Excellent barrier between the layer of poultice and wrapsEasy application and is convenient to use at shows or travelProvides uniform application for individual horse’s needsMuch more durable than a standard grocery bagPoultice paper crumbles off easily when application is dryStores easily in tack rooms or horse trailersEach roll is 12”W x 75”L Please refer to the uploaded pictures that coincide with the steps to follow for correct use:  Step 1: Clean the the area you will be poulticing thoroughly.Step 2: Tear a two foot length of Spitfire's Poultice Paper for each leg you are poulticing and let it soak in water.Step 3: Apply desired poultice to the leg.Step 4: Remove paper from water.Step 5: Wrap the wet paper evenly around the poulticed leg.Step 6: Finish the wrapping process by applying a wrap and stable bandage directly over the wet paper. Repeat these steps for each leg being poulticed.Step 7: When the bandages are removed, the poultice and paper will have dried. The poultice and paper will easily crumble off the horse’s legs. Residual poultice can be brushed and or hosed off.
    SKU: SCH20212
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